Your Story of Love (For singles and marrieds)

Happy Monday Funday to You!!

I am in love with stories!! Among my favorite stories to hear and witness are the stories of everyday people. I was talking to my mother this morning about the story of how she got here and mine.  There are some very painful parts and some very beautiful ones but that’s what makes a great story.  It occurred to me that every person has this story of love.  Every person was created in love.  (Yes, some circumstances around conception were not loving, i.e. rape, prostitution, molestation, one night stands, artificial insemination (not that this is like the former), etc.)

The fact is whatever our circumstances, there was love because even in an unwanted pregnancy or single parent pregnancy and even in attempted abortions; someone loved us enough for us to be here.  We are here because our circumstances could not override God’s desire to see you and I experience this life.  We are here and no amount of hurt, hate, halt, haughtiness or hindrance could stop us because the God of all the universe said, “Yes, this child of mine will live.  They shall come forth.”  What does that mean when some of us have experienced hurt, abandonment, hatred, isolation, confusion as a result of that gift of life?  How can we not resent Him for giving some of us lives we would have rather not endured?

We must learn to love our story and recognize it as a story of love.  Yes, sometimes painful but overall beautiful in its own unique way.  When Christ was walking out His earthly ministry, the story of His conception is beautiful but the aftermath is painful, and to some, disgraceful.  For the rest of Jesus’s and Mary’s life they (and the rest of their family) endured the stigma by many, of being seen as a wayward woman and a bastard child.  He was to many “illegitimate”; His mother was defiled and His adoptive farther, Joseph, was ridiculed.  Yet, there was love even the love that drove Him to the cross in humiliation and defeat to the ignorant eye but to the eye that saw the love story greater than all others unfolding, He was a knight rescuing and restoring His damsel’s honor and place.  It was not clear until the ressurrection and the fullness of His story is still not seen.  It is still unfolding, as is ours.  How do you see your story of love?  Are you looking at the middle saying that there is no hope for the end?

Note From Good:

I want to challenge myself and anyone who might read this to take off the goggles of dread this world places on our eyes.  Let us see our lives from an eternal perspective of love. I challenge us to read and  “know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.” Romans 8:28 (KJV).  This scripture is immediate and generational.  Let us look at our story not only individually but as a link in a chain of generations (yes even if you do not intend to have children).  We must broaden our scope, so that we will be willing to endure the hardship in faith believing that we will secure a brighter tomorrow for the whole of the body of Christ and the world through our joys and our pains. Besides there is no such thing as a good story without some form of antagonism (Drama).

For singles who are struggling with singleness this means recognizing that this is the middle of the story not the end.  You will find your bride.  You husband will pursue you and the love will be sweeter for the struggle and delay (delayed gratification, look it up or google it).  For singles who are happy being single but still dealing with drama, this is an invitation to press into the victory that you already have over your own flesh and the criticism of narrow-minded folks (i.e. “It’s better to marry than to burn” quoters or “all the good ones gone be gone”. I say whatever with that cause if you jump and get the wrong one you gone get burned and if they’re gone by the time I get there, good it means less to weed out. Sorry that was a rant. My bad).

For married folks,  this means acknowledging that the hardships of marriage play an integral role in building a strong foundation of intimacy through commitment (“This is permanent” mindset). Also for married folks, the adventure of your love and romance needs to be found in the work to get back to each other everyday in the midst of chaos, ease and monotony of monogamy.  In the midst of folks making “additions” to their marriage because “one person can not satisfy”, your challenge is to have a love story full of valor, honor and courage.  That means sacrificing your selfish desires in order to give your family a security and trust that others may never know.

Enjoy your story of love and where you are allowed to write, write well.

Please hit me up, let me know about your story.

Have a great week.  Life, love and learning to you.

God bless, no stress,

Good 😀


4 responses

  1. Your words are wise, encouraging, and insightful–as always, Good.
    My own story (in an acorn-sized nutshell) is that my husband and I met in a singles group at our church, dated on and off for five years, and now–four children later–we have just celebrated our 24th anniversary. Still, we are learning about how to be most loving in the way we live out our married life: the most important thing is to put your spouse first, before anything else in this temporal world.

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