Considerate and Unoffended

It’s Monday! Whew Hew!

I am gone to make it short this week because it is simple.  Whether we are married or single, we have a challenge before us in our relationships:  To be considerate or not; to be offended or not.

We can choose.  Choose to be greatly considerate and hard to offend.

That does not mean that we grovel or allow abuse (because that is not cute nor God approved). Instead we see the sensitivities of those around us and, as much as is healthy, honor them.  Also that we see the short comings of those around us and understand (sometimes they just didn’t mean it the way we took it).  Give people a chance and the benefit of the doubt.  Our need to self protect can turn into defensiveness that can just hurt those around us.  It’s not fair.  Put the shield down long enough to see what is really going on.

Lastly, some of us are so set on getting ours (Hustle, Shine, Acknowledgements, Dreams, etc.) that we are running over the ones who love us to get it and killing our relationships in the process.  (This is evident when everyone around us feel used more than loved.)  Be considerate.  See the person for who they are more than what they can give, contribute, etc.

Be At Peace :-D. Until Next Monday

Life, Love, and Learning to you,



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